Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Music for mending?

I had looked forward to making music to mend by, filling these long days of enforced idleness. For some reason, it's unsatisfactory, and after tuning the dulcimer and the guitar all I do is plunk around a little bit. I usually sing along with the tunes that have words, La-la-la with those without. I was even writing a few songs, saving them on Tabledit to share. I don't think I'm depressed, because I am enjoying everyday things. I get out on our little scooter and feed grain to the baby ducks down the street, I sit out in the garden and watch the birds and butterflies, I really enjoy a bowl of ice cream in the afternoon. Maybe the music will return. Hope so.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Turtle is home

I made it home yesterday with my newest hip and patched up thigh, and I am enjoying being waited on by family instead of nurses. I appreciate the hard work the nurses do, bless their hearts, but home is where we live as a loved one, not a patient.

It occurred to me, after several weeks of lying on my back, unable to sit up, get up, or even roll over without help, that I was living like a turtle who got caught on its back, waving its little paws about. I could push some buttons on the bed, on the remote, and the "Call Nurse," my favorite, but still was very helpless. The message I kept hearing was loud and clear. It said "You are not in charge here." I never really thought I was, but all doubts have been removed.

I'm also realizing why we had three children. They have been super about stepping in and taking over this house, keeping their dad and now, me, fed and clean. June and Kevin took the first lap, Doug came in for a week, and wee currently have Jason and my sister Susan here, and they will do a handoff to our daughter-in-law Lazara next week. Besides us, they have helped our friend Anita walk the dogs every morning, and take turns giving one of them insulin shots twice week. Now I am giving myself shots twice a day to fight blood clots. Jason said he would do it if I would just bend over my food bowl like Buddy does.

In the spirit of the Easter Bunny, I am hopping around the house on the walker, dangling my left leg in the air. I am so happy to be hopping!