Saturday, January 31, 2009

No more dogs

Old Buddy finally joined Cappy in doggie heaven. We'd like to think it's like a big dog park where they could go meet Marvin, Andy, Snoopy, maybe Riker and some of his other relatives. But that would not be Buddy's idea of Heaven. He liked to watch the dog park action from CJ's lap. Cappy would be mixing it up with the big dogs, introducing them to each other, showing them the best gates and water bowl. Snoopy would be finding the gate of least resistance. Marvin would be making idle threats, and Andy would just wander around looking lost and bewildered.

Buddy was not just afraid of most dogs, he was afraid of anything with a face. Christmas lawn ornaments, like large Santas and snowmen, were not to be trusted. Jack-o-lanterns were scary, so it was best to cross the street. Cappy would walk right up and pee on them. Buddy was not afraid of most people, but he was never sure about Joanne or Deenie. Joanne would bring bacon in her purse, but it only worked temporarily. He actively disliked Joe Miele, and would pee on his shoe if he could. If we met him on a wallk, Joe would dance around to stay out of range.

After fifty years of dogs, occasional cats, birds, fish, hamsters and snakes, I'm done with pets. CJ wants another dog, and wants me to help him decide what kind. I said any kind is fine with me, as long as it don't poop.