Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rehab, the Sequel

Another Guest Post.

Mom has moved to rehab! Yay! Out of the hospital in only 4 days this time. Into another hospital, but in the rehab unit. Much better than the nursing home route we did last time, we think.

When she arrived today, the nurse came in and said "Oh! Does your complexion always look like . . . that?" Mom, who hasn't seen a mirror in a week, said "What? What does it look like? Is something wrong?" The nurse just said "Well, you're very pale". Mom said, yes, she was pale, but hopefully, the extra blood and iron they are pumping in will help that. That, and being able to run around a bit.

I'm shipping off on Monday, as my vacation time has well and truly run out. My little brother Jason has come to stay at the ranch for a couple of weeks, and although we hope we won't need them, we've got a couple other relations lined up after that if need be. So, watch this space, and hopefully, the next post you see will contain news of Carol coming home. Again. Many thanks for everyone's continued support.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Surgery II

Another Guest Post

Surgery went well (again). We are planning on the quick and easy no complications version this time, as we have tried the other way, and didn't care for it much. Thanks for everyone's prayers and good wishes - so far this time, they seem to be working. More news as it happens - with any luck, from the lady herself.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Groundhog day

Yes, it is possible to break your leg while standing up on your walker. Tuesday, March 20, I go back to the hospital so they can remove my gently used hip and replace it with a newer model.
I have been unable to come up with any good reason for this (for every thing there is a reason, turn turn) and hope you will help me out here. Some of the suggestions so far:

The surgeon really likes you and doesn't want to say goodbye.

It gets all your kids to come for a visit.

It could have been the good leg.

You're using up hell-points.

Better now than six months from now.

You're really good on a walker.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sex change

No, I didn't go for that while I was in the hospital. However, I need to rant.

For those of you out of our news area, the facts. The City Manager of one of our small towns had been considering a sex-change for many years, going from Steve to Susan, and had already taken some preliminary steps. He mentioned this to a few close friends, and the mayor, but had not yet told his wife or 13-year old son. Surprise, surprise, the paper got wind of it and the cat was out of the bag. Within a week the city called a special meeting and fired him. Even though he had received rave reviews for 14 years, they insist the firing was not because of the sex change, but was a "loss of confidence." He was shocked and amazed.

This raises so many questions:

1) Did he think his secret would stay a secret?

2) Didn't he know his small-town voters and officials, after 14 years?

3) Wouldn't wife and sons be the first to know?

Takes me back to a time almost 40 years ago when CJ was representing a lesbian couple who were house painters. We hired them to paint our house. It took forever. During this time, one of them confided that she was in the process of becoming a man. (They had 9 children between them already.) We needed some carpentry, they called a friend who was going from male to female. We needed roof repairs, two friends showed up that were also changing. At one time, we had 7 workers, in all stages of their transition, part of a support group. They enjoyed telling us more than we needed to know of their life stories and medical procedures. They seemed well-adjusted, optimistic, and looked forward to being "normal." I hope things worked out for them. I would think that 40 years might have brought a little more understanding, but apparently not.