Sunday, August 8, 2010

Romeo update

Romeo has now owned us for six months, and most of the rough edges are gone. We agree on most of the basics, but have agreed to disagree on others.

Dogs may not sleep on our bed. If we are in it. Unless we leave the bedroom door open. The comforter, folded on a table, is not a bed, therefore fair game.

Romeo went in his crate when we left the house or went to bed. Seemed happy as long as he had a snack jar. (6 or 8 kibbles in a jar with small opening.) Began escape planning by loosening and bending one bar at a time. Convinced us that it was dangerously compromised, made it go away.

Dogs do not eat table food. Food left too close to the edge of the kitchen counter is not table food, therefore fair game. The same goes for doggie bags left in a purse.

Dogs do not bark at friends or neighbors, or their dogs. People walking down the street are not friends or neighbors, or they would come to see us. Fair game.

Romeo must not yank on the leash and try to make Carol bounce along behind him like a rag doll. If he tries this, she squirts him with her mighty Aqua-blaster water pistol. He hates this, and gives her a big frowny face. Today we walked in a gentle rain. No yanking, but a very confused Romeo.