Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lighten up

I am tired of angry people. Not just mildly ticked off or grumpy, but snarly mean drooling ugly screaming mad. Every day I check my e-mail, expecting the usual prayers and dirty jokes, often from the same people. Not a day goes by that I don't get an angry rant.

People, I know who you are. You haven't missed a meal or a paycheck, but the immigrants are after you. You enjoy the lowest taxes in your lifetime, but Obama's leading us to socialism or Marxism or some other ism. Your panties are in a wad over health care or politicians in general or specific. You need to lighten up.

We liberals didn't get this way over Bush. We knew he kept invading the wrong countries, but he didn't mean to, bless his heart. He got all fwowny when we tried to tell him, so we just let him go on. Now, it's true that the parents of all those dead soldiers got real pissed, but in a polite sort of way, being patriotic and all. We still wish we weren't paying for those wars for the foreseeable future, but we aren't angry.

We still wave our little flags on the 4th of July, tear up at the fireworks when the Tchaikovsky cannons go off, and smile. We may sing a verse or two, except for the "rockets red glare" high parts. Come on, people, this too will pass.