Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Christmas Trip

Started playing around with "Tell us 10 things about yourself that we may not know," and anyone that comments is supposed to add their own. I remembered a train trip I took, quite by accident, when I was six.

The train trip was only an accident because I did it alone. Mama was going to take me to New York to see the Christmas lights and windows. We were living in Princeton, N. J. for a few months in 1943 while Daddy was in training with the Navy before going off to war. The train pulled in to the station, the doors opened, so I got on. I didn't notice that Mama wasn't with me until the doors closed and we were off and going. I figured she was in another car or maybe the bathroom, but it was no big deal. I wasn't worried, because we were both going to New York, and I'd just find her there.

It didn't seem like long before we pulled into a tunnel. It wasn't scary because there were lights. No one got off at the first few stops, so I didn't either. Then, it seemed like everyone got off, so I did too. There was a big sign that said "MACY'S'"with more toys and Christmas trees and music than you could ever imagine. This must be Heaven! You just walked across the platform and right in the door and it went on forever. There were big moving elves and snowmen and deer and Santas of all sizes. I picked up a baby doll and decided to keep that for my own. I danced to the music, climbed up to a big tree, and sang along.

It was wonderful until I heard loud screaming. Mama came running in with a couple of policemen and a little Santa guy I had seen by the door. A policeman picked me up and asked me if I was alright. He tried to take my doll so I kicked him. He held me way out in front of himself when he carried me over to Mama. She was really crying and I didn't know why. It wasn't a sad thing, because we were just where we had planned to be. I guess she was sad because she missed the train. She told me not to tell Daddy, but I did. And I got to keep the doll. Her name was Barbara.